Monday, 3 January 2011

10 Ways to Live Your Best Life In 2011!


This year we are changing our blog abit and will write about things which are relevant to your life as well as your style.
To start this off we have decided to give you our guide on how to live a fuller, better life this year.
Whether 2010 was an amazing year for you and you want to do even better or it was an average year and you are determined to turn your life around this year, here is our guide to living the best life and achieve all you want this year.

1. Find your own truth and follow it : In the rush of day to day life it's easy to forget your original dreams and goals and most importantly who you are, get a note book and write down what you really want out of life. Do you want to become a high-flier who travels the world working and helping others? Do you want to own your own jewellery business? Write down your goals and life aims.

2. Create your 2011 mission: Unlike a resolution it is simple a personal purpose you remind yourself of. They are short concise statements you wish to live by which you constantly remind yourself of through the year When you clearly know your mission this year it makes it easier for you to get there.Here is an example :

'We will put a smile on everyone's face and warm the hearts of everyone we encounter and remind them we all deserve a life filled with beauty'

3. Make new friends and explore the world in a way you never have before : Routine often drains us and sometimes we need that inspiration to kick us into action. Meeting new people is necessary to continually freshen your outlook and be inspired. So go out there and meet new people, take the risk and push your self!


4. Leave all negativity behind: The biggest thing which will hold you back from living your best life is negativity, Former friends? , Your crazy ex? , Past mistakes? None of those should be thoughts which cross your mind during 2011, leave them behind in 2010 and don't allow them to enter your new year, we all have the right to make mistakes we also all have the right to be happy and respected, you like every one else deserves this so don't let anything making you think otherwise into your 2011.

5. Find yourself and be the best version of you that you can be : It's easy to follow trends or what the media is telling you to be however the biggest mistake you can make is navigate away from who you are, however you must constantly stay true to who you are , be the best you are at all that is your true self and people will recognise that and appreciate it, whoever doesn't isn't worthwhile.


6. Create your action plan : When you have finally clarified who you are and what you want out of life make an action plan for this year, the next 3 years and the next 5 years to ensure you become the person you truly want to be.

7. Explore your hobbies : Photography? Reading ? Writing? what do you like doing? We love vintage shopping, writing and photography. Discover hobbies which you take joy in and pursue them future, you won't only develop your skills, you can meet some like minded friends along the way.


8. Help others : We recently volunteered at the Crisis Homeless Shelter and it was the most fun and fulfilling thing we ever did, nothing makes you feel better than helping others, as a person it's in your duty to help yourself and help others , make it your aim in life to touch and inspire as many people as you can.

9. Boost your career : If you are unhappy with your career 2011 should not be another year spent unhappy in career you could care less about or doesn't fulfil you this is your year to work towards changing that around, do you want to open your own business? leave your admin job and go into web design? Research and create an action plan into how to change around your career for the better.


10 FLY : Not literally, to fly metaphorically, let yourself go , stop trying to live within people's expectations, stop justifying yourself, stop beating yourself up over past mistakes just let yourself go and live! It may be hard but stop taking yourself and issues which on a grand scale of things aren't so important and let yourself go.


Good Luck and Happy New Year

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