Friday, 5 November 2010

For The Love Of Sequin ♡

With Christmas being around the corner PMV can't wait to bring out our vintage sequin dresses here are our best tips on wearing sequins.

With sequins, you must consider your three “c’s in order to wear them properly. What are they? Cut, color and clutter. These three things affect how well you do or don’t look in a sequined top, dress or bottom. Here’s what I mean:

  • Cut: Should you go big or small in sequins? It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to highlight the trim of a top or pant leg, do it with small sequins. They will add an air of elegance to your outfit. If you want to make a bold statement on a top or dress, go big.
  • Color: Picking sequins that don’t compliment your natural skin hue is the biggest mistake most women make in wearing sequins. If you have extremely tan or brown skin, you can wear sequins in a variety of colors like blue,red or yellow. However, if you have very pale skin, these colors will make you look more washed out. So, as a rule of thumb, select sequined outfits that exemplify the complementary colors you wear in your every day life.
  • Clutter: Ever had too much of a good thing? That’s how it is with sequins sometimes. If you wear an outfit that has different sizes, cuts and colors of them, you can look like a clown. Therefore, go easy on your sequin wear. Select outfits that, at max, have two different types or layers of sequins. It’ll help you avoid looking garish.

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